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One may think the IT recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is just for huge multinational corporations or that your company can’t afford it, however the recruiting process outsourcing provided by a professional staffing agency, such as Alignment Staff, is used by many smaller to medium sized companies to save money on the recruiting process, while focusing on building their own business.  Using Alignment Staffing for RPO for your business can be a great solution to staffing shortages when you lack resources for recruiting, without having to pull internal staff off of necessary projects to perform candidate searches.

• What are the Benefits of Using an RPO?

RPO produces a few special advantages to lighten staffing deficiencies and contract qualified candidates when your organization does not have the time, work force, and subsidies for putting forth a successful selection effort.

• Quality of Candidates – On the off-chance that your organization is in an exceptionally aggressive or specialized industry, such as the IT industry, where it is difficult to find qualified hopefuls, an expert staffing firm such as Alignment Staffing can give you access to a targeted list of highly qualified candidates at a lower cost to your company, than doing the recruiting internally.  Alignment Staffing is both highly experienced and concentrated on one thing – finding the most qualified candidates.  We have broad systems and innovative techniques that make your selection process quicker, less demanding, and more financially savvy.

• Continued Recruiting/Staffing Support – Recruiting can take a lot of time, especially when you need to employ people in volume. When you’re with a professional staffing agency, such as Alignment Staffing, for RPO, you can turn over your most tedious legwork and following up to our team of highly-skilled recruiters. This allows you to spend time focusing on making decisions and further advancing your business – just be there for the final decision making and from the pool of carefully selected candidates sought out by professionals at our agency.

• Cheaper than Directly Hiring – One of the most common rules of thumb in employment is that the cost of replacing an employee equals generally half of that employee’s yearly salary.  For that reason alone, RPO can be more cost-effective than being overwhelmed with your own recruiting tasks and taking risks or costly hiring mistakes.  Alignment Staffing is an RPO firm that will structure the terms to tailor your recruiting needs.

• We Put Our Name On It – Working with Alignment Staffing for RPO services will increase your company’s ability to focus on making money, while we provide the best talent on the market.  We will take accountability for our RPO services from front to end and we will include service level agreements to meet the metrics that you specify.

• Our Secret Sauce– Alignment Staffing provides excellentRPO services because we have the most extensive networks in the nation, using the latest mediums of recruiting technology and social media to take recruiting to the next level. Alignment Staffing can get you better results faster and cheaper than with any other staffing agency or your own hiring department.  Don’t struggle with hiring, let us do the work, because we do it best.  Contact us today!

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